[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 179315] Content not painted when scrolling an overflow node inside an iframe

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--- Comment #18 from Justin Ridgewell <jridgewell at google.com> ---
Is there anything AMP can do to avoid this issue? Or, anything we can do to detect/fix it? I was able to hack together a fix by applying transform: translateZ(0) to _anything_ with relative/absolute positioning. But that's super expensive to detect, isn't going to work for every page (position: fixed springs to mind), and (I'd imagine) expensive for Safari to render.

We're very worried this affecting a larger percentage of AMP docs. We frequently get internal communications from publishers with "broken" pages due to GPU issues in iOS. One affected every (!!!) Pinterest page in search.

AMP allows publisher provided CSS on the page, but otherwise controls the entire document from "default" CSS (where we can override anything by using !important) and we're the only JS running on the page. Basically any fix you can think of, we can implement. We're just looking for the right approach.

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