[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 172548] New: ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint should not reinstall itself nor handleFire if it's dying shortly.

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            Bug ID: 172548
           Summary: ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint
                    should not reinstall itself nor handleFire if it's
                    dying shortly.
           Product: WebKit
           Version: WebKit Nightly Build
          Hardware: Unspecified
                OS: Unspecified
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: JavaScriptCore
          Assignee: webkit-unassigned at lists.webkit.org
          Reporter: mark.lam at apple.com

Consider the following scenario:

1. A ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint O1, watches for structure transitions, e.g. structure S2 transitioning to structure S3.  In this case, O1 would be installed in S2's watchpoint set.
2. When the structure transition happens, structure S2 will fire watchpoint O1.
3. O1's handler will normally re-install itself in the watchpoint set of the new "transitioned to" structure S3.
4. "Installation" here requires writing into the StructureRareData SD3 of the new structure S3.  If SD3 does not exist yet, the installation process will trigger the allocation of StructureRareData SD3.
5. It is possible that the Structure S1, and StructureRareData SD1 that owns the ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint O1 is no longer reachable by the GC, and therefore will be collected soon.
6. The allocation of SD3 in (4) may trigger the sweeping of the StructureRareData SD1.  This, in turn, triggers the deletion of the ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint O1.

After O1 is deleted in (6) and SD3 is allocated in (4), execution continues in AdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpointBase::fire() where O1 gets installed in structure S3's watchpoint set.  This is obviously incorrect because O1 is already deleted.  The result is that badness happens later when S3's watchpoint set fires its watchpoints and accesses the deleted O1.

The fix is to enhance AdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpointBase::fire() to check if "this" is still valid before proceeding to re-install itself or to invoke its handleFire() method.  ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint (which extends AdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpointBase) will override its isValid() method, and return false its owner StructureRareData is no longer reachable by the GC.  This ensures that it won't be deleted while it's installed to any watchpoint set.

Additional considerations and notes:
1. In the above, I talked about the ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint being installed in watchpoint sets.  What actually happens is that ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint has 2 members (m_structureWatchpoint and m_propertyWatchpoint) which may be installed in watchpoint sets.  The ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint is not itself a Watchpoint object.  But for brevity, in the above, I refer to the ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint instead of its Watchpoint members.  The description of the issue is still accurate given the life-cycle of the Watchpoint members are embedded in the enclosing ObjectToStringAdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpoint object, and hence, they share the same life-cycle.

2. The top of AdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpointBase::fire() removes its m_structureWatchpoint and m_propertyWatchpoint if they have been added to any watchpoint sets.  This is safe to do even if the owner StructureRareData is no longer reachable by the GC.  This is because the only way we can get to AdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpointBase::fire() is if its Watchpoint members are still installed in some watchpoint set that fired.  This means that the AdaptiveInferredPropertyValueWatchpointBase instance has not been deleted yet, because its destructor will automatically remove the Watchpoint members from any watchpoint sets.


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