[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 171720] [preload] Add media and type attribute support.

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Mon May 22 08:01:29 PDT 2017


--- Comment #32 from youenn fablet <youennf at gmail.com> ---
> > > Source/WebCore/html/HTMLImageElement.cpp:165
> > > +            if (!type.isEmpty() && !MIMETypeRegistry::isSupportedImagePrefixedMIMEType(type))
> > 
> > Why do we need !type.isEmpty() here?
> Good question. The spec doesn't seem to mandate it.
> Avoiding it would mean that for `<picture><source srcset="foo" type><img
> src="bar"></picture>` "bar" would get picked rather than the current "foo".
> If we want to change that behavior, I could do that as a separate patch.

OK, we might want to add a test for that case if it is not tested.
I'll r+ the patch once bots will be happy.

Refactoring things in this area would be nice, the two so different uses of preloadIfNeeded is not great for instance.

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