[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 172400] Web Inspector: Add support for investigating Subresource Integrity issues

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--- Comment #3 from Sam Weinig <sam at webkit.org> ---
(In reply to Brian Burg from comment #1)
> I'm not familiar with the use or debugging of this feature, but it sounds
> like something that may fail mysteriously right now. What do you have to do
> now to investigate an issue like this?

There are console messages that get printed out when a resource is blocked, which probably handles many cases, but it would be nice to know things like if none of of the digests provided are supported or if parsing of the attribute value failed for some reason (we could conceivably add console error for these as well, but I don't want to presuppose a solution).

It would also be nice for testing if we could generate the various expected digests for a resource, so a developer could just plop it in, though in practice, this feature will probably use serverside generation of the digest values.

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