[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 171650] Safari iOS ogv.js in conjunction with Blend4Web WebGL scene causes reloads on iPad 2016/2017 models

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Tue May 9 07:54:21 PDT 2017


--- Comment #3 from Andrew Potter <hello at drewpotter.com> ---

Sorry for the long delay.

I have uploaded some example code to GitHub which demonstrates the issue.


I find that when I use http-server running on port 8080 and connect and then visit the video-test.html file I have the following issues;

- The video overlay on the right hand side, the iframe of the official ogv.js demo, runs perfectly on the iPad Pro 2016 and the iPad 2017. However, if you keep moving the 3d WebGL map around in the background eventually the page will reload, something is wrong. However on OSX Safari it runs fine.

- The video overlay on the left hand side appears to start playing on the iPad but stops for some reason. I have checked the debug messages by using a USB cable and watching in Safari. I am not sure why it stops playing.

Please note that this works fine in Chrome browser and Safari and Firefox on a MacBook Pro 2013. 

I may be pushing iOS Safari too far by running 3d WebGL and video decoding at the same time.



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