[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 169970] JavaScript is not correctly connecting to rest api in iOS 10.3 beta

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Sun Mar 26 15:38:31 PDT 2017


--- Comment #32 from paladox <thomasmulhall410 at yahoo.com> ---
I did 

      if (opt_opts.headers !== undefined) {
      var fetchOptions = {
        credentials: 'same-origin',
        headers: opt_opts.headers,
      } else {
      var fetchOptions = {
        credentials: 'same-origin',
       // headers: opt_opts.headers,

which is the same as if(opt_opts.headers).

But still doesn't work in reloading the diff page. For example going to http://gerrit-new.wmflabs.org/r/c/2/62/tests/fixtures/layout-cloner.yaml and then reloading that downloads a json file (the fix i did for headers is not on that site). It should not be downloading json files when refreshing the page. Which i presume thats why headers: is there to fix that.

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