[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 169917] [GTK] Many WebGL tests fail, are slow or timeout.

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--- Comment #2 from Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez <clopez at igalia.com> ---
There are some differences on the results of those test if you run then inside xvfb or on the native display (Xorg/X11 in my case with Intel GPU. glxinfo: http://sprunge.us/WBjL ). You can run them on the native display by passing --display-server=xorg to the script run-webkit-tests.

Differences between --display-server=xorg and --display-server=xvfb :

* webgl/1.0.2/conformance/textures/texture-mips.html and  webgl/1.0.2/conformance/textures/texture-npot.html pass on native Xorg but fail on Xvfb.

* webgl/1.0.3/conformance/extensions/webgl-draw-buffers.html crashes on Xvfb (crash log: http://sprunge.us/jTBV ) but fails (without crash) on native Xorg.

* fast/canvas/webgl/drawingbuffer-test.html fast/canvas/webgl/webgl-depth-texture.html pass on Xvfb but fail on native Xorg.

* More tests timeout or are slow on native Xorg.

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