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--- Comment #4 from Chris Chiera <chris at heavymark.com> ---
Sorry to clarify again, but you mention disabling cache is the same between Safari and Chrome. Yes, if I disable cache in either it would be the same, however, this bug report isn't about comparing the generic disabling cache in Safari vs Chrome, which certainly are the same.

This is in regards to Chrome has an option in the inspector to disable cache "ONLY when the inspector is open" (screenshot in last message). Safari "does not" have that option.

Thus when setting disable cache in Safari it will disable it all of the time. There is no option to disable cache "ONLY when the inspector is open" like Chrome offers.

So with that setting enabled in Chrome, I can have the inspector closed, and view say Apple.com and Google.com, etc with the inspector closed, and caching will work as normal. But if when viewing Apple.com for instance if I open the web inspector caching would be disabled for that tab until I've closed the inspector. It's incredibly helpful and has been in Chrome for years, but opened this report hoping we might someday see that feature in Webkit and then eventually Safari. 

Hopefully that clarifies that this request is not in regards to changing caching for non developers nor changing the default cache setting for developers, nor about comparing the standard disable cache (for all pages) in both Chrome and Safari. Thanks!

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