[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 173851] Can't scrub video if in a container with on which touch events are being preventDefault()-ed

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--- Comment #7 from Antoine Quint <graouts at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Arthur from comment #6)
> It isn't a regression, I see the same behavior even in iOS 8 and that makes
> me sad. I guess nobody is using native controls in touch-prevented block. 
> I actually understand how it's done in the browser, but why do you think
> it's the right way especially when in all other browsers there isn't such
> problems? 

> Also if we are talking about that it's implemented as normal web UI, then
> why webkit doesn't call stopProgagation() itself on the events when
> scrubbing is happening? How is it useful to be able to preventDefault()
> scrubbing on video's native controls? (might be kind of useful for ads, but
> it would be easier just to hide the UI completely)

I think the suggestion that we stop the propagation of touch events handled by video controls is a sound one. However, in the case of scrubbing, we do not actually capture touch events per se. We have an <input type="range"> element that fires "input" and "change" events and we scrub the media element as we handle those events. We could add touch event listeners to ensure that the scrubber, as well as any other interactive element, calls stopPropagation().

> Anyway, if you think that all that is wrong, how would you suggest to
> implement that what I'm trying to do (<video> elements with native controls
> in carousel)?

I'm not saying it is all wrong, I was just trying to explain the root cause of the behaviour you noticed. As far as your particular example, if we start preventing touch events from propagating for interactive elements in the controls, you would be able to deal with touch events yourself for your carousel for touches anywhere but these elements. Would that be satisfactory?

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