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--- Comment #2 from Anika Henke <anika.henke at digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk> ---
It seems Safari iOS with VoiceOver always has its virtual focus on the first thing on the page after a page refresh or opening any page. No matter if you try to focus on another element via linking to an anchor or do the focus via JavaScript or use an input with the HTML5 autofocus attribute (all of which I've tried), the result is always the same, Safari/VO's virtual focus will be at the very top of the page. (The actual browser focus stays where it is supposed to be, only the virtual focus is affected.)

I've got another reduced test case for this:

1. Activate VoiceOver on an iOS device
2. Open http://jsbin.com/cadocaj in Safari
3. Submit the form

The browser focus (which I have made visible with a dotted blue outline) will be correctly on the error message and the virtual focus is on there as well at first. But after a split second the virtual focus will move to the first thing on the page, i.e. the heading. The time it takes for that "re-focus" is somewhat unpredictable. Sometimes VO manages to read the whole message, sometimes it just reads the first two words, and sometimes it skips it altogether.

You can see another example in the wild here: http://govuk-elements.herokuapp.com/errors/example-form-validation-multiple-questions. After submitting the form, the virtual focus will end up wrongly on the skip link at the top and not on the error message box.

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