[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 173307] WebRTC: STUN / TURN do not seem to work properly

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--- Comment #3 from Danilo <db at threema.ch> ---
> Both instances here are due to the fact that we filter private IPs out in DataChannel-only situations.

But we're talking about TURN here. Relay candidates are *not* private IPs.

> As of your webpage, can you describe how you are testing stun/turn?

The test first creates a new RTCPeerConnection with three server entries (TCP, UDP and TLS). It then creates a new datachannel (to trigger the negotiation needed flag) and an offer. The offer should trigger collection of ICE candidates in the browser.

I log every candidate found to the debug console. When disabling ICE candidate filtering in the media flags, I get two local candidates (IPv4 and IPv6), but srflx or relay candidates never show up.

> Do you receive a callback with no candidates, meaning that ice gathering was done?

Yes, after some time I receive a callback (pc.onicecandidate) with a null candidate. But no other candidates are gathered.

For reference, the code can be found here: https://web.threema.ch/troubleshoot/troubleshoot.js

I do not think that this is a duplicate of bug 173052.

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