[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 173141] No VP8/VP9 Video Codec Support in WebRTC

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--- Comment #13 from Tsahi Levent-Levi <tsahil at testrtc.com> ---
If you happen to need to process media in your backend, or use WebRTC in a device that has no H.264 HW encoder (or one that does but where codec royalties were not paid for or paid other purposes), you end up needing VP8. Otherwise, costs can be considerably high for just the simple need of encoding.

That usually means that small companies and companies with freemium based business models will need to lean strongly towards VP8 or just decide to go open a startup in a totally different domain.

HW encoding is great for video codecs when you have it, but we can do without it if we must.

Being able to CHOOSE the codec I want, especially when one is royalty bearing and the other is royalty free has its own huge advantage.

It would be great to get some response in if and when VP8 is planned to be added (especially since it is an MTI codec in WebRTC) than to get questions here about why we would want VP8 when the iPhone supports HW encoding for H.264.

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