[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 173261] Retry network process connection if we fail to re-establish it

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--- Comment #7 from Brady Eidson <beidson at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Antti Koivisto from comment #4)
> > Adding this somewhat arbitrary "wait 1/4 second, retry 4 times" introduces a
> > very mysterious behavior to consider and maintain going forward.
> I'm not sure what there is to maintain here.

The fuzzy behavior of "ah screw it, we'll just keep on trying" as opposed to maintaining software that works the first time.

> > Re-establishing the network process connection should succeed the first time.
> > If it doesn't, that's the bug we should fix.
> Any ideas?

Any ideas about what...? You filed this bug with the statement:
"WebProcess::networkConnection() sometimes fails and hits CRASH. It is not clear why it fails but the condition might be transient. It may make sense to retry a few times."

That is literally the only information I'm going off of here.

It stands to reason that WebProcess::networkConnection() is failing for a reason, yet I see no description of an exploration of that reason.

> > You mention the problem "might be transient"? Have you shown this patch to
> > actually produce results in practice?
> No. The best way to establish that is to land it and see if it helps with
> crash rates.

If the primary goal was to reduce this WebProcess crash, I would agree with this path of exploration.

But I think the primary goal is actually to find out why establishing the network process connection is failing, and this patch does nothing to explore that.

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