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--- Comment #4 from Ashley Gullen <ashley at scirra.com> ---
Surely a bug in JavaScript code should not be able to terminate the process? That is definitely a Safari bug if that happens right?

We desperately need a way to play a single set of audio files across browsers, so our goal is simply to have a feasible way to decode Opus files in Safari. I made a tweaked version of the test that always uses the asm.js decoder in other browsers even if they natively support Opus: https://www.scirra.com/labs/audiotest/

Safari on a Macbook performed reasonably compared to Chrome on the same test, so actually I am not really concerned about macOS. I am most concerned about iOS. On the iPad Air 2 I timed its loading performance with a stopwatch and it took around 30 seconds to load the page. I hope you would agree this is an exceptional amount of time for decoding ~750kb of audio data. Since Apple bans other browser engines on iOS I don't know how to make a fair comparison; is there anything you would recommend? All I have to go with is the absolute time, which does seem high. Crashing the browser process is also a major problem, since it means we don't have a way to decode the audio at all, even slowly.

Apologies for taking a few comments to clarify the issue: never mind about macOS, I am only concerned with iOS here.

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