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FixedSet Proof of Concept

I played with this idea a little this morning and got a simple proof of concept done that works with integers. It will need more work to generalize it, but that's why it's a proof of concept.

The way it works is you do something like:

    static constexpr auto set = makeFixedSet<unsigned>( 5, 4, 1, 2, 3 );

If chooses the data structure to use based on how many arguments are passed to makeFixedSet. For a single argument, it uses a FixedSetSingle. For 4 or less, it uses a FixedSetLinearSearchArray. And for 5 and more, it uses FixedSetBinarySearchArray.

The input does not need to be pre-sorted, as the FixedSetBinarySearchArray does a constexpr sort of the contents.

I left out a HashTable or Perfect Hash variant from this proof of concept, but once additional types are added, I don't think adding those will be too much trouble (famous last words).

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