[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 167934] Rethrowing error resets stack trace making debugging hard

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--- Comment #10 from Frédéric Wang (:fredw) <fred.wang at free.fr> ---
(In reply to Frédéric Wang (:fredw) from comment #6)
> The stack trace of attachment 314704 [details] seems correct using JSC (TOT):
> ...
> Similarly, opening attachment 314703 [details] in MiniBrowser (TOT) the
> exception stack trace are correctly printed in the textarea.

Just to follow-up here. These test cases print Error.stack which is indeed the one requested in this bug report. Hence they can not exhibit the issue, contrary to the test cases requiring the use of the Web Inspector.

It turns out that the Web Inspector prints the Exception object's stack (and does it on purpose), which indicates the location of when that exception was last (re)thrown and hence does not correspond to the behavior Chromium or Firefox's console.

For details and ideas see the discussion on bug 174380.

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