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--- Comment #2 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org> ---
> Current implementation uses THREE.js -- I assume we'll need to eliminate
> this dependency.

We use libraries where applicable! See Source/WebInspectorUI/UserInterface/External.

   - CodeMirror - Text Editor
     - used heavily for all our text content views, even the console
   - Esprima - JavaScript Parser
     - used for pretty printing, type profiler, and more
   - ESLint - JavaScript Static Analysis
     - currently unused

Deciding whether or not we include a (compatibly licensed) 3rd party library is mainly based on its usefulness to the project. If using THREE.js is a big win versus not using it, then sure lets include it. If it provides non-trivial features or would significantly improve readability / performance than it seems naturally useful. Likewise if we think we might grow to use it in more places, or would naturally want to use it later on for other purposes that helps.

As an example. With the Timeline graphs I started using d3.js but switched to just generating manually generating a SVG. Given the simplicity of the UI (just a few polygons / paths) using a full library felt like overkill. It also would mean anytime someone wanted to make changes they would have to learn d3's idioms which even I didn't get fully acquainted with.

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