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--- Comment #9 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
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> I might be wrong but I understand Release is a production build and
> therefore what distros should do. At least I hope Debian keeps doing so.

Release is a production build WITHOUT debuginfo, i.e. with debuginfo explicitly disabled. All Linux distros want RelWithDebInfo, which is production build WITH debuginfo. Turns out only Mageia was doing this properly, so only Mageia was broken.

It makes no real difference, because all distros override the CFLAGS with -O2 -g anyway so you get a release build with debuginfo regardless of build type, but it seems good to pick the build type that matches what you semantically want to do.

(In reply to comment #8)
> Why RelWithDebInfo builds are broken???

Because our CMake files check the build type and add necessary compiler flags only if it is "Release" or "Debug" in various places. We need to audit the whole thing.

mcatanzaro:  annulen: Not possible to grep for something? CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE?
annulen:  CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE and _RELEASE or _DEBUG variables
annulen:  and decide what should be done in each case

(A related bug is that RelWithDebInfo will not define NDEBUG, which will enable assertions, which we don't want. That's a bug in our choice of how to decide when to enable assertions. They should be dependent on DEVELOPER_MODE rather than NDEBUG. Mageia was defining NDEBUG manually to avoid this problem.)

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