[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 166962] animation-delay has limit in proceeded amount of seconds

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--- Comment #6 from David Bruchmann <david.bruchmann at gmail.com> ---
You can see the an example svg here:

Safari displays the outer circle not and that's related to the problem I mentioned here. The example above is reduced to the outer circle of the online-example.

@Simon Fraser the problems are this:
1) "clamp large values" is not in conformance with other browsers and Safari concerning this and other features is for me as webdeveloper a neck-breaker.
2) Why values are clamped without any reason or why the limits are so low. The unix timestamp works with values since 1970 and I suppose that's not an issue in general.
3) Ranges of values should be defined by applications or real definitions and standards, I don't see any reason that Safari is doing it's own miracles.
4) Round-Tripping concerning hours in a day is not given and if you exceed your own definition the duration of round-tripping is not defined. You can use it for seconds but also for centuries or millennia. Safari is not even covering seconds of a half day and that's my issue here.

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