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You are right! Linebreaking is a  must for users, it is really convenient to track the process of execution if you have that bug. However I have recently addressed http://topessaywriter.org/ IT experts to get the bug: 
<script type="text/x-mathjax-config"> 
  Tex: { 
      good_break: '\\mlToken{mo}[linebreak="good_break"]{}', 
      bad_break: ['\\mlToken{mo}[linebreak="bad_break"]{#1}',1], 
      no_break: ['\\mlToken{mo}[linebreak="no_break"]{#1}',2], 
      invisibletimes: ['\\mmlToken{mo}{\u2062}'] 
    }  } }); </script> 

Everything was alright for more than a year and now I've got that type of problem with bug. Has anyone afced such problem before? I just do not want to address the services to bother experts with such silly question.

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