[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 165073] [GTK] Regression: "notify::title" signal unreliably triggered multiple times

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--- Comment #8 from luke at ubuntu-mate.org ---
It would be good to know whether this is a bug or an intentional change and what our options are.

In the meantime, I have written a crude workaround (in the application's code) that restores 2.12 behaviour in >=2.14:


To be placed in __init__ function:

        self.cmd_buffer = []
        self.cmd_set = False

To be placed in 'notify::title' callback function:

        # Ignore NULL
        if len(title) == 0:

        # Once the page is loaded, first command works fine.
        # Subsequential clicks on anything else causes 2 callbacks.
        if self.cmd_set:
            if not len(self.cmd_buffer) >= 2:
        self.cmd_buffer = []
        self.cmd_set = True

To be placed in 'load-changed' callback function:

        self.cmd_set = False


This comes at with the risk the app may ignore further 'notify::title' signals unless the user clicks a button (in-app) again. This will also be apparent if the behaviour changes again in WebKit2GTK, or a user has an older version of WebKit2. At least now a "command" only runs once.

This workaround has been applied to these 2 apps:
 * https://github.com/lah7/polychromatic/commit/cbde66e9cc84d86485c4f8b8c57b3b5aa0dceb9c
 * https://bitbucket.org/ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate-welcome/commits/5210c5dd2567d8a66217819e0784932a60e7c36d?at=master

Ubuntu 16.04 has also updated the packages to 2.14, so any other WebKit2 GTK-based application may want to be wary of the changes to this 'notify::title' signal.

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