[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 166978] Archive flicker in scroll on Cordova 4+, WKWebView and iOS 10

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--- Comment #5 from Mikey <tomkinson at hotmail.com> ---
Thank you so much. You're both right, I should have provided a test app/code but I thought this might be a known issue. In fact we FINALLY solved it. Turns out it was that the view did not appreciate a long scroll that is one solid element  (which is what we did because we were dealing with some old android feed issues at the time) and was the only way to prevent jank and some other long scroll wrapping issues.

so instead of 
- scroll parent
    - scrolled list 
       - list item 
       - list item 
       - list item 
       - list item 

We did 
- scroll parent (which also happens to be the list)
       - list item 
       - list item 
       - list item 
       - list item

Thank you both for such timely responses.

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