[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 166929] Web Inspector: cubic-bezier, spring, color editors should have a way to discard all changes

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--- Comment #2 from Devin Rousso <dcrousso+webkit at gmail.com> ---
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> There's no obvious way to discard all editing for a editor instance. If you
> make a lot of tweaks, it could be hard to remember what the original value
> was. A 'reset' or 'revert' button would be helpful in this case.

In my experience, using Undo (⌘Z) will undo the change back to the original value, no matter how many edits are made (this only works so long as the editor is still open).  I think that adding some sort of "reset"/"revert" to <https://webkit.org/b/161965> would also solve this issue for long sequences of edits.

Do these ideas work for you, or did you have something more specific/obvious in mind (like an actual button somewhere in the editor popover)?

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