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Above I have attached 2 files to demonstrate the problem I am encountering.

The situation is the following: 
1) instead of using <table> tag to display the tabular data, we are using divs with display properties of "table" and "table-row" , "table-cell" accordingly. (this is done in order to achieve the fixed header effect)
2) it is needed that border-bottom change color when the user hovers over the row (that's where the issue in Chrome appears, as when moving the mouse from top to bottom the border-bottom color does not change, and when going from bottom up - it starts acting weird)
3) In order to make border change color on hover state, I use the following CSS rule (*ISSUE)
     border-bottom-color: blue;
4)This is how I currently avoid that problem (*WORKAROUND)
     border: 1px solid blue;

The problem appears in Chrome/55.0.2883.87. I would be glad to test it in Chrome 55.0.2883.95 (but as far as I could understand that version of Chrome is the current stable for MacOS, and I am using Windows)

Should I rather report the issue to the Chrome browser developers? 
(The reason I reported it here was that the reflow problem occurred not only in Chrome but also in Opera )

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