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--- Comment #3 from Eric Carlson <eric.carlson at apple.com> ---
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> The default behavior of "Auto (Recommended)" is not a good default. The
> setting conflicts with video player wrappers which provide an additional
> caption engine. The native captions are then stuck on (by default) and
> impossible to disable since the native controls aren't available.
"Auto (Recommended)" is supposed to show a caption track only when 1) the language of the file's primary audio track doesn't match the user's preferred language, 2) a track in the user's preferred language is available, and 3) no other track is enabled.

> The prescriptive nature of the default setting doesn't integrate well with
> real-world video players and caption implementations. Firefox just started
> supporting webvtt captions on the native player very recently, and users
> with the Firefox ESR build still don't have native captions, so a player is
> still necessary to provide captions across common browsers. 
> Also, the "closed" part of "closed captions" means users are to request
> captions during playback and the captions shouldn't be on by default (it's
> an unexpected behavior). That's how captions work on televisions and other
> browsers.

The current behavior is a bug, the captions in this file should not show automatically when "automatic" caption mode is enabled.

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