[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 181010] A KVO change notification for WKWebView's _pinnedState property is not generated with a load of custom content is committed

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Wed Dec 20 09:46:04 PST 2017


Jeff Miller <jeffm at apple.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|WKWebView's _pinnedState    |A KVO change notification
                   |property is not observable  |for WKWebView's
                   |                            |_pinnedState property is
                   |                            |not generated with a load
                   |                            |of custom content is
                   |                            |committed

--- Comment #4 from Jeff Miller <jeffm at apple.com> ---
I misunderstood when the _pinnedState property changes. KVO works correctly when the page is scrolled, which is the most common case. I didn't realize that scrolling was necessary to generate the property change.

There's still a bug in WebPageProxy::didCommitLoadForFrame() where we aren't calling m_pageClient.pinnedStateWillChange()/m_pageClient.pinnedStateDidChange(), but only when the main frame has a custom content provider, which isn't a common scenario. I assume viewing a PDF would be an example of a custom content provider, but I haven't confirmed that.

The fix is straightforward, but I need to also write a test. I'm re-titling the bug to capture the actual issue.

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