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Thanks for providing such a detailed and thoughtful response.

>From my testing it definitely is related to iCloud syncing, in that, if you created a Guest account on your computer and entered my iCloud login for instance you'd be able to replicate the issue. However, it could perhaps be that iCloud is syncing something seemingly unrelated to Safari, that is however indirectly causing the Web Inspector slow load time. I can replicate it on a brand new computer, fresh install without changing any settings or installing any new apps, other than entering my iCloud info during setep. It doesn't happen immediately but does eventually once iCloud has finished syncing. I tried reformatting one computer and not entering iCloud during setup, then under iCloud syncing I unchecked everything and slowly started checking things to try to isolate issue but wasnt unable to determine which particular iCloud sync caused the issue.

I went ahead and tried moving the local storage files for Safari, but didn't change anything, but that was a good idea to test.

I filed a Bug report back in 2016, but I may not have filed in in the appropriate category and also hadn't done all the testing to isolate the issue at that time, so I'll file one now accordingly. To note, it looks like the issue started when upgrading to the first Sierra beta(s) back in 2016.

In that video example, it started in console which was a bit unusual, but most all times it starts in Elements and takes 5+ seconds to load there. Just did another video here: http://share.heavymark.com/0y3G171X2Q2m 

I replicated the issue then ran "sudo sysdiagnose" and have included that in the Apple bug report. Also attached spindump there which I ran immediately after opening inspector in Safari. Happy to provide any additional details here or there. Thanks once again for all your help already.

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