[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 179914] [GTK] Duplicated symbols in libjavascriptcoregtk and libwebkit2gtk can cause crashes in production builds

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--- Comment #57 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
I'm going to ask for help in some different places. There are toolchain experts on fedora-devel who might point us at a solution. But I suspect the answer is going to be "you have to export global template instantiations, or not use them." Clearly they cannot be local.

Clearly, using a linker script to mark all symbols as local by default is incompatible with C++ templates (when used as global variables). I think -fvisibility=hidden would have the same problem; there is a note on the GCC man page that that can break exceptions thrown between libraries....

(In reply to Carlos Garcia Campos from comment #56)
> >  but it is present in the system library path, and we really
> > shouldn't be exposing the internals of the library there.
> This is not easy to avoid I'm afraid.

This is probably a fool's errand, but Christian says:

"if you want to share the routines in your statics with two shared libraries you need to one of: 1) add a third support shared library with symbols exported  2) export them from one library  3) link in the routines twice (and therefore larger binary sizes)"

And I believe that is correct. Option (2) is what we do now. Option (3) would entail linking libwk directly to bmalloc and WTF and a second static static build of libjsc, so libjsc and libwk would each have their own copy of that code. A variant on this would be to build libjsc as *static* rather than shared, and use that as we currently do. WebKit links to that. Then we can build a *new* shared libjsc that links to the static libjsc, which just exports the JSC API. (That would be the C API, and, in the future, the GObject API). The cost is we'll then wind up with two copies of bmalloc and WTF, one inside our installed shared libjsc and one inside libwk.

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