[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 179682] Incorrect bounds inside <mover>/<munder> when a stretchy operator is present

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--- Comment #66 from Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Minsheng Liu from comment #65)
> First a disclaimer, I am not quite familiar with VCS. I notice that
> wincairo’s result says:
> > Original content of LayoutTests/platform/ios/mathml/opentype/opentype-stretchy-horizontal-expected.png mismatches at C:/WebKit-EWS/WebKit\Tools\Scripts\svn-apply line 272.
> And in fact that all previous patches did not apply to wincairo for the
> exact same reason. I am quite confused because I think all those platforms
> share the same branch, right? How could the patch apply to one platform but
> fail on the other?

Sounds like there might be problem with "eol" handling. It’s possible that the MIME type isn’t set for this PNG file in Subversion so it is treating it as a text file and trying to do CRLF conversion in some Windows. If so, the fix is for someone to land a patch that sets the property on the PNG file.

> Also, I am unsure if I am doing the patch creating workflow correctly. Every
> time I submit a new patch, I have to first revert my change to the
> ChangeLog, do a `git stash` to save my current work, update through the
> script, `git stash apply` to restore my work, and then manually fixing
> ChangeLog. Is there a way to (partially) automate that?

There is a script called resolve-ChangeLogs that you can set up in your git configuration to make this easier. I can’t find the instructions about how to use it, but someone else on the project probably can point you to the right place.

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