[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 176116] 406 Error for XSLT due to ommission of correct/registered MIME type from Accept header

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Andy Schmidt <Andy_Schmidt at HM-Software.com> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Andy Schmidt <Andy_Schmidt at HM-Software.com> ---
Kindly consider the following:

a) it does have user impact. Users of Safari cannot use certain functions of our web site. I had supplied a simplified test URL. On FireFox, IE, Edge this page will show page content. On Safari, the user will see a blank page.

b) content negotiation is CLIENT initiated. If a client (= Safari) wishes to initiate content negotiation, it will supply a restrictive Accept header where it either prioritizes certain content over others, or where is DISALLOWS certain content.

I respectfully submit that the suggestion that the server should ignore Safari's explicit request to perform content-negotiation seems (by virtue of Safari using an Accept header) seems exactly backwards.

If it was true that Content Negotiation is not desired by Safari, then Safari wouldn't request it.
Consequently, if Safari DOES request is, then it should do so properly.

Thank you for your kind consideration of the facts.

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