[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 175378] [GTK] [WK2] Cannot access HTTPS sites using a HTTP proxy that requires authentication

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--- Comment #5 from Paul van Tilburg <paul at luon.net> ---
I have attached a small Ruby script that we use to run a test proxy on localhost:8080 that requires the hardcoded basic authentication credenials user/password.  However, also some Squid proxy would do.

To configure the proxy, I guess export http_proxy=http://localhost:8080 would do.

To test I am using a modified version of the mini browser example that adds an authentication hook with the hardcoded credentials.  I have also attached the source.

The mini browser source has a commented-out load URI line for http://www.nu.nl. When building and running with that line enabled, the proxy logs:

[2017-08-10 10:10:09] ERROR Basic Proxy Realm: no credentials in the request.
[2017-08-10 10:10:09] ERROR WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ProxyAuthenticationRequired
IP_ADDRESS - - [10/Aug/2017:10:10:09 CEST] "GET http://www.nu.nl/ HTTP/1.1" 407 342
- -> http://www.nu.nl/
[2017-08-10 10:10:09] INFO  Basic Proxy Realm: user: authentication succeeded.
IP_ADDRESS - user [10/Aug/2017:10:10:09 CEST] "GET http://www.nu.nl/ HTTP/1.1" 304 0
- -> http://www.nu.nl/

and the mini browser logs:
** Message: Authentication callback is called for www.nu.nl:80!

When using the load URI line for https://google.com, the proxy logs:

[2017-08-10 10:10:24] ERROR Basic Proxy Realm: no credentials in the request.
[2017-08-10 10:10:24] ERROR WEBrick::HTTPStatus::ProxyAuthenticationRequired
IP_ADDRESS - - [10/Aug/2017:10:10:24 CEST] "CONNECT google.com:443 HTTP/1.1" 407 347
- -> google.com:443

and the mini browser logs nothing (in particular not that the callback is called).

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