[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 175340] AX: crash at WebCore::AccessibilityObject::supportsARIALiveRegion() const + 24

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--- Comment #11 from Nan Wang <n_wang at apple.com> ---
(In reply to zalan from comment #8)
> I am not sure if this patch is correct. Just because some element becomes
> floating (or non-floating) it does not mean it's stale. They become stale
> when we detached them from the tree/destroy them. 
> What exactly do you mean by "When adding a psuedo element child to a
> RenderBlockFlow element, there might be a chance where the element has
> already been relayout but we are still holding onto its stale children."
> What is the stale child in this context? The pseudo element's RenderInline?
> "by notifying AX correctly when inserting/removing children during layout"
> the floating object map is an internal helper container; Not sure why AX
> needs to know whether we add a renderer to a internal container.
> r-

I think there's something going on during layout process that invalidates some of the RenderBlockFlow object's children. Do you think it would be suitable to notify AX in layoutBlock? I think we have something similar in RenderElement::styleWillChange to notify AX on visibility change.

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