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--- Comment #14 from Dan Winship <danw at gnome.org> ---
(In reply to Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez from comment #13)
> (In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #12)
> > I've also considered if maybe we should be using libsoup's implementation of
> > WebSockets rather than WebKit's implementation. I always assumed that
> > WebKit's implementation was likely to have fewer bugs. Silly me.

(Of course, this bug predates libsoup's WebSockets implementation.)

> Do you know something about the quality of the libsoup WebSocket
> implementation and/or about any project that uses it? 
> Keep in mind _any_ implementation is going to have bugs.

The actual WebSockets implementation isn't all that complicated. The code for letting SoupSession make a (possibly-proxied) connection to a server, and then stealing that GIOStream from SoupSession to use as a websockets connection is kind of tricky, but of course, that's exactly the code that the patch here makes use of, so you'd be using it either way. (Well, the patch here is written against Dirkjan's original proposal that isn't quite how things eventually got implemented, but it would be similar.)

Anyway, a handful of people are using libsoup's websockets code now, (and it was originally based on cockpit's code that had been in use for a few years before that). And I assume WebKit has some WebSockets tests anyway that would validate that it was good enough for WebKit purposes?

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