[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 175358] JSTests/stress/v8-deltablue-strict.js fails with JSC_validateExceptionChecks=1

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Wed Aug 9 09:56:42 PDT 2017


--- Comment #9 from Robin Morisset <rmorisset at apple.com> ---
I originally put this reinterpret cast to match the similar examples higher in the file. After looking at the C++ spec, I believe it is required:
- Section 5.10 of the spec says that the operands of '==' have their type converted to their composite pointer type
- I do not see anything in the notes at the start of Section 5 anything to define this composite pointer type for JSValue* and Exception*, and the note 13.9 of Section 5 says that "otherwise, a program that necessitates the determination of a composite pointer type is ill-formed."

Does anyone know why this patch appeared to fail to compile in several of the queues (iOS, iOS-sim, jsc, Mac, Mac-wk2, Mac-32bit). I have retested-it on top of tree on my machine and it compiles with no issues.

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