[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 175269] WPT harness errors on leaks bot

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--- Comment #3 from youenn fablet <youennf at gmail.com> ---
Looking at some tests, it seems as if testharnessreport.js is not sent correctly to the browser (dump as render tree and not as text).
For some other tests, it is as if testharness.js  is not sent correctly (function test undefined).

Looking at https://build.webkit.org/results/Apple%20Sierra%20(Leaks)/r220343%20(2511)/wptwk_process_log.out.txt, there is no clear error from the WPT server.

Looking at one failing test (/XMLHttpRequest/abort-after-receive.htm) vs a successful test (/XMLHttpRequest/abort-after-send.htm), it seems as if the unsuccessful test is not making any HTTP request to get testharnessreport.js.

Any idea why retrieval of some HTTP resources would cause issues in that particular configuration?
How slow are these bots?

We could try to add more wpt logging.

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