[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 149264] IFrame scrolling=yes is ignored in iOS Safari

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--- Comment #15 from Rick Byers <rbyers at chromium.org> ---
> Turning off frame flattening on iOS is a big usability change and needs to be done with caution.

Simon, I know we chatted briefly in Tokyo about this, but I'm curious to better understand your thinking here.  Why is this a greater usability risk than supporting overflow:scroll divs?

As I mentioned, I don't think I've ever heard a single user complain in Chrome about getting stuck in an iframe scroll chain.  We do occasionally hear complaints of users getting stuck in regions that cancel all the touch events (eg. it's possible to fling-pinch to zoom in on an area completely covered by a map, and now be unable to zoom/pan the viewport with no recourse other than reload).

Certainly nested scrollers are generally a bad UX paradigm, but virtually all mobile-optimized sites already avoid them, as do many desktop sites using scrollable iframes (eg. think of the gmail compose window or JSBin.com).  App-like layouts are increasingly common where the main document isn't scrollable at all, but there are some single elements (div or iframe) which are.  If it would help I could add some metrics to Chrome to track how often users encounter such nested scroller scenarios on Android and (after giving some time for the metrics to reach a non-trivial fraction of our users) report numbers here.

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