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--- Comment #3 from Alexander Romanovich <alex at sirensclef.com> ---
Makes sense.

Another impact of the difference in API between Web Inspector and Safari results in the fact that you can force a reload-from-origin with cmd-shift-r in Web Inspector but not in Safari. It would be helpful to allow cmd-shift-r in Safari as well.

Aside from clearing up the above-mentioned confusion that can arise from a divergence in behavior, allowing cmd-shift-r in Safari, and not just in Web Inspector, would contribute to solving this long standing issue: Safari does not currently support 304s for main resources like all other major browsers do (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=114738).

This is because a cmd-r in Safari currently does a reload-from-origin for the main resource, whereas it should perform revalidation. Resolving that would be a huge performance win, especially on large pages like blogs, and my hope would be that solving this would assist in bringing traction on that very important issue as well.

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