[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 168631] Feature Request: Make partitioned localStorage persistent

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--- Comment #12 from Malte Ubl <malteubl at google.com> ---
In the current state, the 1p can store data on behalf on the 3p. Storage-wise this achieves the same semantics as partitioned storage.

Something like this on the 1p:

onmessage = e => {
  if (e.data.type == 'set-localstorage')
    localStorage.setItem(e.origin + ':' + e.data.key, e.data.value);
  else if (e.data.type == 'get-localstorage')
    localStorage.setItem(e.origin + ':' + e.data.key);

Of course, this requires cooperation of 1p and 3p, but especially in the ads case, 3ps often get to run script on the 1p, so they can set up the above without **real** cooperation.

If you'd like to maintain the current state of requiring 1p cooperation for storage in 3p context, this could be achieved by adding an opt-in attribute similar to allowfullscreen (e.g. allowstorage). That would maintain the exact same user and storage controls as today, but would not incentivize ads to run code in 1p context (which I think everyone would agree would be a great change).

Our primary motivation is that we'd like to avoid leaking data from the 3p to the 1p for increased privacy of our users.

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