[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 171058] [GTK] After upgrading glib and glib-networking, resources with zero bytes are always identified as text/plain

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--- Comment #5 from Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez <clopez at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Carlos Garcia Campos from comment #4)
> Reading the comments in the GNOME bug it seems the change in behavior was
> accidental, but then they decided it was an improvement. I kind of agree
> that a  zero size file with .png extension is not a png file (or any other
> extension). I bet this only affects unit tests, so we can work around the
> issue inside webkit, either patching glib to only check zero-sized files
> after guessing the content type form the filename if the result is
> uncertain, or using real files (small enough, but real) in the tests.

I wonder why this files are empty on our Layout tests.

Is that intentional? Or it is a mistake nobody noticed so far?
Looking at the git history of this file nothing seems to suggest that the files are empty on purpose. It looks like a mistake.

Maybe we should replace the empty files with files valid for their supposed mime-type (for example, for a png file we can use a 1x1 transparent png).

At the same time we can add a new test that loads several zero-byte resource files. This test should produce plain/text on glib based ports and other thing on the rest of ports.

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