[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 169040] Class Proxy can't be extended

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--- Comment #2 from GSkachkov <gskachkov at gmail.com> ---
I upload the patch, but I think it can be fixed in better way.
    class SuperClass {
        constructor() {  }

    let ProxiedSuperClass = new Proxy(SuperClass, {});

    class A extends ProxiedSuperClass {
        constructor() {
    const a = new A;
Issue happens because during initializing A class var ProxiedSuperClass stored to __proto__ variable of the A class, but during invoking super it takes __proto__ from the prototype the class A and it is the same as ProxiedSuperClass.__proto__ but it is not allowed to execute 'new ProxiedSuperClass.__proto__'
To fix issue I stored ProxiedSuperClass to private variable and load it before execute 'super'. 
Could you please suggest if there any better to fix this issue?

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