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--- Comment #4 from Chris Dumez <cdumez at apple.com> ---
Actually, tineye.com does not work in WebKit, even if I switch to using Data URLs. The reason is that the page's JavaScript relies on DataTransfer.items being implemented and it is not in WebKit.

_onPaste: function(b) {
            var c = b.originalEvent && b.originalEvent.clipboardData && b.originalEvent.clipboardData.items,
                d = {
                    files: []
            c && c.length && (a.each(c, function(a, b) {
                var c = b.getAsFile && b.getAsFile();
                c && d.files.push(c)
            }), this._trigger("paste", a.Event("paste", {
                delegatedEvent: b
            }), d) !== !1 && this._onAdd(b, d))

b.originalEvent.clipboardData.items is undefined in WebKit. So the tineye.com issue has nothing to do with the approach we chose in Bug 49141.

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