[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 161409] [JSC] Implement parsing of Async Functions

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Fri Sep 23 13:57:53 PDT 2016


--- Comment #60 from Caitlin Potter (:caitp) <caitp at igalia.com> ---
As requested, a followup run benchmark:

                         Baseline                 WithPatch                                     

closure              0.51188+-0.02331          0.50381+-0.01643         might be 1.0160x faster
jquery               6.63200+-0.04502    ?     6.64141+-0.04629       ?

<geometric>          1.82306+-0.02974          1.81769+-0.02420         might be 1.0030x faster

The WithPatch VM is built with --asyncfunction-syntax, indicating that even with these changes, it's still essentially a non-issue for the parser.

New patch with fixed Source/JavaScriptCore/ChangeLog uploaded momentarily

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