[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 163777] NetworkSession: switch to use subclasses for NetworkSession and NetworkDataTask implementations

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--- Comment #7 from Keith Rollin <krollin at apple.com> ---
Some of the build output made it look like there may have been an issue with how the files were added to the project. I can't read an Xcode project file so I didn't try to figure out what (if anything) might be wrong. What I did instead was to revert the changes to the Xcode project and then re-add the new files. That's had some effect to the release build; I'm now getting the following error. The debug build still emits the same error reported above.

/Volumes/Data/dev/WebKit/branches/network_session/OpenSource/Source/WebKit2/NetworkProcess/cocoa/NetworkSessionCocoa.mm:302:143: error: 'suggestedFilename' is a private member of 'WebKit::NetworkDataTaskCocoa'
In file included from /Volumes/Data/dev/WebKit/branches/network_session/OpenSource/Source/WebKit2/NetworkProcess/cocoa/NetworkSessionCocoa.mm:27:
In file included from /Volumes/Data/dev/WebKit/branches/network_session/OpenSource/Source/WebKit2/NetworkProcess/cocoa/NetworkSessionCocoa.h:35:
/Volumes/Data/dev/WebKit/branches/network_session/OpenSource/Source/WebKit2/NetworkProcess/cocoa/NetworkDataTaskCocoa.h:70:12: note: declared private here
/Volumes/Data/dev/WebKit/branches/network_session/OpenSource/Source/WebKit2/NetworkProcess/cocoa/NetworkSessionCocoa.mm:463:22: error: expected the class name after '~' to name the enclosing class
2 errors generated.

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