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--- Comment #21 from Dirk Schulze <krit at webkit.org> ---
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> I talked to Geoff about built-ins. Using built-ins would be advantageous if
> we think most property access on these classes is going to come from script.
> However, if they are mainly used as parameters to call into native code, or
> if used largely from native code, then they would be better as native code.
> I don't have a feel for how DOMPoint etc are likely to be used in the wild.
> My guess is that most devs currently just use [x, y] or { x:, y: }, and
> would get little win from using DOMPoint.
> DOMRect and DOMRectInit are certainly going to be used as arguments to
> IntersectionObserver, but maybe also stand-alone in script?
> DOMMatrix is the one class that is more likely to be used extensively from
> script, so I think it might get the most win from being a built-in.
> Of course, we can always change something to being a built-in once we have
> usage experience from the wild.

DOMPoint and DOMRect are for DOM to JS communication. So built-ins might be less useful. I agree for DOMMatrix though. Especially with WebGL and WebVR as future main consumer.

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