[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 163166] [GStreamer] Certificate database missing when accessing HTTPS via WebKitWebSourceGStreamer

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--- Comment #2 from Jana Saout <jana at saout.de> ---
Ok, after a bit of digging around I found out why all other cases are working and only the HLS plugin is having this issue. This is because only with that plugin I see network from the web process.

This is caused by this commit: http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/202615
(see bug #144040)

The new code path handling the "not main thread" case is doing this when the callback comes in from state READY to PAUSED.

This happens in webKitWebSrcStart:

    if (!priv->player || !priv->createdInMainThread) {
        priv->client = std::make_unique<ResourceHandleStreamingClient>(src, WTFMove(request));

I haven't figured out yet what this code is doing, it looks like it's setting up a new thread with its own main loop to handle the request, apparently to avoid some deadlocks.

The code path for the "from the main thread" below case does things a bit differently:

        priv->resource = priv->loader->requestResource(request, loadOptions);
        if (priv->resource) {
            GST_DEBUG_OBJECT(protector.get(), "Started request");

... which goes via priv->loader wich is somehow a loader created elsewhere which at some point uses the platform strategies loader, which goes through the network process.

Somehow the special case needs to be fixed too.

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