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Proposed Patch V9

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Thanks for the review!

>> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/Cocoa/UIDelegate.h:118
>> +#endif
> This class really shouldn't have any data members.  Can this be merged into WebPageProxy.

Will move these.

>> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/Cocoa/UIDelegate.h:119
>> +        WebCore::MediaProducer::MediaStateFlags m_mediaState { WebCore::MediaProducer::IsNotPlaying };
> Ditto.


>> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/Cocoa/UIDelegate.mm:375
>> +        cameraAuthorizationBlock();
> Why does this need to be iOS specific?

This is iOS specific because Mac does not require apps to request permission to use media capture devices.

>> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/Cocoa/UIDelegate.mm:395
>> +    [(id <WKUIDelegatePrivate>)delegate _webView:webView checkUserMediaPermissionForURL:requestFrameURL mainFrameURL:mainFrameURL frameIdentifier:frame.frameID() decisionHandler:^(NSString *salt, BOOL authorized) {
> It's a bit odd that you pass SecurityOrigin's to this level, but then don't use them, but rather get URLs.

Will refactor.

>> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/Cocoa/UIDelegate.mm:402
>> +void UIDelegate::UIClient::isPlayingAudioDidChange(WebKit::WebPageProxy& page)
> It is really weird that isPlayingAudioDidChange is what triggers _webViewDidBeginCaptureSession/_webViewDidEndCaptureSession.  This should be re-worked to be more direct.

This is what is currently being used on Mac to notify the client of a capture session beginning/ending. Should I write a new method and only call that one and let the Mac team know to change their implementation, or should I continue to call this method to let clients using the C API know of a change in state, and also call a new method to notify WK2 clients?

>> Source/WebKit2/UIProcess/ios/WKUserMediaCaptureDeviceAuthorizerIOS.h:28
>> + at interface WKUserMediaCaptureDeviceAuthorizerIOS : NSObject
> As this class is not AP/SPII, it should not have the WK prefix.  I am generally confused about why this class is necessary, as it seems to store no state.

I will remove this class and folds its logic into UIDelegate.

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