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--- Comment #97 from Caitlin Potter (:caitp) <caitp at igalia.com> ---
The dromaeo results for the latest patch are about 3-4% regressions for each test. With the branch prediction adjustment, there's a 5-10% improvement (If there's a command to dump results of run-perf-tests as text, I'll provide all the numbers).

With the command `run-jsc-benchmarks --outer 10 --octane --benchmark "closure|jquery" baseline:~/git/WebKit2/WebKitBuild/Release/DumpRenderTree asyncawait:~/git/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Release/DumpRenderTree`, results are:

                         baseline                 asyncawait                                    

closure              0.30989+-0.00551          0.30340+-0.00295         might be 1.0214x faster
jquery               3.65550+-0.01427    !     3.78112+-0.03262       ! definitely 1.0344x slower

<geometric>          1.06425+-0.01004    ?     1.07103+-0.00613       ? might be 1.0064x slower

The jquery results might look a little worse than previously described, but the fact that Dromaeo consistently does so much better with the branch predictions added goes a long way in my opinion.

Ensuring that `m_runtimeFlags` is packed efficiently and accessed in cache more often will probably see some improvement, but hard to guess how much

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