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--- Comment #24 from Sergio Villar Senin <svillar at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to comment #22)
> Just now had to kill -9 the Network process.
> After several days using it, today it exhausted all my memory: 8 Gb RAM and
> 8 Gb swap.
> top was showing ~50Gb of VIRT memory used.
> I could not confirm the reason was, again, the leak in open descriptors
> since my laptop was almost unusable, swapping all the time. In any case, I
> suspect that was the case.

JFTR I'm suffering the vary same issue, from time to time, my laptop starts to swap like mad making it totally unresponsive. I normally kill the WebProcesses and that fixes the issue. Didn't try to kill NetworkProcess, next time I'll give it a try.

Anyway I don't have additional data sorry, just wanted to state that it isn't an Andres-only issue.

PS: one interesting thing is that, I need to change to console mode to kill the processes as the UI (GNOME) is totally frozen. When I manage to do that, then the swapping stops. If I switch back to desktop then the swapping is resumed.

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