[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 135379] iOS 8 / OSX 10.10 WebGL - using a video from an other domain fails (CORS bug)

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Fri Jun 3 08:16:48 PDT 2016


--- Comment #51 from Daniel Rossi <electroteque at gmail.com> ---
Any ideas of the status of this ?  I sent this to the other ticket which has dropped off the radar for two months now. 

I know it's pretty much crept up and steamrolled, many people trying to do WebVR including Youtube and Facebook of all people are also waiting. 

They should pay to make this happen. 

This problem has been left exposed for many years now and was just an accident waiting to happen. For some reason a few of us have to do the run around for many others. 

Obviously the reverse proxy work around is not ok for production so not even Facebook or Youtube are doing that and therefore Safari is broken. 

If there is a nightly fix to test please let me know.

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