[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 153352] Overlay scrollbars should always use the whole contents

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> > Can you describe the bug that this is fixing from an end-user's perspective?
> > Or the before/after expectations? The description of the bug is all about
> > code details, and I want to understand how this affects behavior.
> In case of having both horizontal and vertical scrollbars, the scrollbars
> respect the scroll corner. That looks good for legacy scrollbars that show
> the track, but  with the overlay indicators it looks weird that the
> indicator stops so early before the end of the contents, giving the
> impression that there's something else to scroll. This happens because the
> scroll corner is transparent, so it's not obvious that's the scroll corner.
> It also happens with the text areas having a resizer. Legacy scrollbars take
> into account the resizer, which is good, but I expect overlay scrollbars to
> be rendered also over the resizer. The resizer takes precedence so you can
> still click and drag to resize the text area. If this behavior is not
> aceptable for mac, we can find the ways to make this dependent of the port
> (Probably adding a method to ScrollbarTheme, like we do for other similar
> things).

Thank you for this! I do think you should add this to the Changelog.

This would probably fix a bug we have on Mac where we do not match the AppKit behavior re: scroll corner. SO! If you do check out Mac behavior, it's worthwhile to look at both WebKit and something like Preview or TextEdit to see AppKit's behavior. Our goal in WebKit is to match AppKit, so they always win the "which is right" question on Mac.

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